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About Me

profil picture Thomas

Full stack web developer working in freelance.
After a 5 years business management degree, and 2 years working in a big company, I did a web development bootcamp to add programming to my skills.
In addition to the ability to develop any type of website, I can provide marketing and commercial advice on your project and the development of its application.

Programming language knowledge

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Typical project process

Those are the 6 steps we will follow for a complete project. I believe the key to a successful project is a good understanding between both part, accessible through a client focused communication at all steps.

1 - Shaping your idea

Idea Lightbulb

We talk about your idea, determine your needs, define your goals and analyse the requirements. I provide suggestions from both commercial and developer point of view, and we decide on the project schedule.

2 - Creating the skeleton

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We define what are the user stories and how its journey will look like by creating the wireframe of the project. Then I develop the skeleton of the site : a clickable prototype including the main features.

3 - Designing

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Through different software we discuss on the precise design of your project, aiming to make the maximum impact on the final user.

4 - Web developement

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I develop the front-end (i.e. the design) with HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as the back-end (i.e. the functionalities) with Ruby On Rails.

5 - Testing

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We launch the beta release and test it. I assess the website speed, search engine ranking, and the general performance. We make adjustements if needed.

6 - Launching (& maintenance)

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The project go live. Either I deliver you the keys of the website, or I take care of its maintenance.

Mon Portfolio

SMAP - My budget-controlled mobility solution

Model for vehicle rental service
Project realized in group of 3.
My Back-end Skills (Ruby & JavaScript) :

  • Search engine with real-time field selection (algolia)
  • Authentication with Facebook + data recovery for automatic profile filling
  • Real-time invoice estimation
  • Creation and management profile & drivers

My Front-End Skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) :

  • General design
  • Dashboard / profile

Fabienne Lamberger-Ponvianne - Antiquary Generalist

Dynamic showcase website.
Solo project.
English / French

My Back-end Skills (Ruby & JavaScript) :

  • Back-office: creation and management of products, multiple images, multilingual
  • Contact from product page and contact page to customer mailbox
  • Product Gallery
  • Image viewer

My Front-End Skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) :

  • General Design

Le Mas Des Anges - Holiday homes in Ménerbes, Lubéron

Dynamic storefront showcase site.
Solo project.
English / French

My Back-end Skills (Ruby & JavaScript) :

  • Back-office: Booking Management
  • Dynamic Calendar availability
  • Validation of input (reservation request)

My Front-End Skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) :

  • General design

Want to work with me for a whole project or a specific mission ?

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